You Don’t Need a Silly Accent For Hyundai’s Smart Park

March 3rd, 2020 by

If one commercial stole the show in this year's Big Game early in February, it was the one built around Hyundai Smart Park, a highly useful feature for drivers needing to get into tight spaces. Highlighted by a handful of celebrities enjoying their Boston accents, the ad showcased how one of our new Hyundai models provides a huge boost when parking. Which cars have smart park at our Tampa, FL Hyundai dealer? Right now it's the just the 2020 Sonata, which we encourage you to try out by visiting us today. First, press play to watch the ad and appreciate this innovation, as well as the fun and sense of humor every involved clearly has.

While Smart Park is reserved for the 2020 Sonata right now, the rest of our lineup enjoys the Hyundai Smartsense suite of driver aids and safety features. By using radars, cameras and sensors to safely adjust your cruise control speeds and distances, apply brakes to control speeds on hills and to keep you in your lane, the Smartsense technology found in your next Sonata, Elantra, Santa Fe, Venue or Palisade is a huge boost for your Tampa area travels.

As you can see in the video, Smart Park allows you to squeeze your Sonata into its space without you even being behind the wheel. That helps you if you can't get out of your driver's seat with your car wedged next to another vehicle, and the precision from Smart Park ensures your car and neighboring vehicles won't be dinged or dented. Check out what other kinds of high-end tech features are available, and visit us in Tampa right now to try out Smart Park for yourself.

Head on over to Brandon Hyundai today and we'll be happy to share the new Sonata and its impressive Smart Park feature with you.

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